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We create a digital experience that gives your visitors everything they need to become

customers and empowers your team to get more done in less time.



It should, and our conversion focused solutions will.

A website is a digital location, and needs to function in the same way as a shop would in the real world. Just like a store, your digital location needs to look great, be easy to access and browse, easy to check out and pay, and exciting enough to bring them back for more.  All structures need a strong foundation, online this translates into a functional site, reliable, secure, fast and spam free.

A solid foundation is only the starting point, DCG Marketing knows how to turn a functional website into a tool that attracts the proper visitors and actively works to convert them into customers.  How hard does your website work for you?

What should a successful website do for your business?


find your ideal audiance  online

Attract Quality Visitors

Your Online Search Engine Beacon

  • Show up when people search for your products and services
  • Be seen when someone searches for a competitor
  • Top search positions get 50% more traffic than ads just one position lower


Target the Right Leads

Clicks that Deliver with PPC

  • Your website should direct people to what matters to them
  • Help customers easily browse your industry or location
  • Make contacting your team quick and easy
pay per click can help your website grow
find your ideal audiance  online

Turn Visitors Into Leads

Your Online Conversion Funnel

  • Your website should direct people to what matters to them
  • Help customers easily browse your location inventory
  • Make contacting your team quick and easy

Make Contacting You Easy

Your site should Gather Valuable Intel

  • Make communication quick, easy and hassle-free for you and your customers
  • Gather vital information from your visitors with better forms
  • Provide your visitors with a variety of contact choices: forms, chats, email signups, phone numbers, email links, and more


pay per click can help your website grow
find your ideal audiance  online

Keep Your Audience Informed

Ensure your Audience is coming back

  • Retain customers by emailing them the latest information about your business
  • Share useful content often on your Social Media accounts
  • Be seen as the authority in your industry by updating your website often to provide the best information to your customers

Satisfy Your Customers

Provide A Better Experience

  • Make payments easy for your customers with an online payment portal
  • Be available via online chat services during business hours to field questions
  • Provide customers with a portal to access their information and history
pay per click can help your website grow

If your website lacks any of these components, the bad news is, your website is not working hard enough for your business.

The good news is, if you’re missing any of these items, we can deliver on ALL of them.  We can provide clarity on these issues for you during our FREE strategy call.

If you’re ready to get the results you deserve from your presence online, we are ready to get you there. We are a team of skilled web professionals with years of experience helping provide solutions to companies facing the same issues you are online.

To give you the best possible solutions, we must understand your issues, your needs, and your goals. Take advantage of our quick, free 30-minute consultation call to help us better understand your specific needs. We want to know how you’re using your site now, and what tactics you use to get people to your site. We will discuss what works and what doesn’t and see how you’re currently tracking your online success. Our team uses that information to offer insight into what you’re struggling with and how we can help provide you a solution.

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In the meantime, let us help you take action now. While every business has unique struggles, we see many websites that share some common “bad habits.” We have put together a packet of information and actionable items that you can start implementing NOW to help turn your online presence into a beacon for your business.

Simply click the button below, to fill out our form, and we will send you a copy of our Tactics for Success Online guide as a way to support you as begin down the path to better results online. This document contains quick and easy tips you can begin to implement NOW to get better results online. Once you have that we will follow up with you to set up our call. We look forward to talking to you!

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Steering the seas of online success can be scary, expensive, and time consuming. It can also be fruitless if you don’t know how to do it properly. Let us help you navigate those waters with confidence.

How can our Conversion Focused solutions help you get more business online? 

Conversion Focused websites are different because have a clear path and guide your audience to a simple call to action. Your visitors’ problems need to be addressed, and your solutions need to be presented in a clear and simple way. All the while, your website is standing ready to help them take action and reach out to you for help. Anything less than this is not helping your presence online. Your website should be moving the needle forward and working to bring you the business you need.

To determine if your website is working hard for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do you want your website to attract better visitors who are more likely to become customers?

Your site should be showing up when people search for yours services in your area. In fact, 73% of purchase decisions begin with research conducted on either Google. You need to ensure that your company appears near the top of the search results!

Would you like your website to be Mobile Friendly?

Your website needs to be ready to provide an excellent experience for mobile users, as mobile searches generate over 28 billion more queries than desktop searches! This means that most people will see your site from a mobile device. When your customers learn about you and they are out and on the go, if your site isn’t mobile ready, you are losing business! 52% of customers are less likely to engage with the company after a bad mobile experience.

Do you want your customers to be able to make payments online?

How much time does your team waste processing one-time and repeat payments? Your website is a great place for customers to pay bills so your team can focus on other tasks. Customers appreciate it when you can streamline the process of buying from you. When given the choice, 49% of people choose to make payments online as opposed to 5.8% who choose to pay over the phone.

Need your visitors to find  the information they want quickly and logically?

People don’t waste time these days with so much information at their fingertips. You have less than 30 seconds to impress your visitors and to get them interested in your services. 36% of people gather information via a company website before purchasing. Once you get them onto your site, you need to make sure they see you as a solution and get the information they need.

Would you like visitors to be able to contact you from any page on your site?

It is important not to assume that since you have a contact page, people will actually go there and take action. A website that is focused on conversion knows when it is time to ask someone to contact you because is has been designed around the solutions you provide. Having a prompt to contact at the right time can make all the difference.

Do you want your website to represent your company’s brand identity better?

Your website is your storefront in the digital age. Are you proud of how it represents your company as a first impression? You want visitors to see your company’s strengths and assets, in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-act-on experience.

If you answered YES, or are not sure about the answer to any of these questions, we can help your business start seeing better results from your website

Start Seeing Success

If you’re ready to start improving your online presence, schedule a call with us NOW.

If you’re not quite ready to handle an influx of high quality audience, our Tactics For Success Online guide will provide you with some easy tactics you can implement TODAY to make your website start working for you.

With it you will learn how to:

  • Present Relevant Information
  • Always Keep Content Current
  • Match Content to Online Searches
  • Use Social Media to your Advantage
  • Correctly Format Images
  • Take Advantage of Backlinking
  • Properly Utilize a Thank You Page
    Tactics for online success guide by DCG

    Our proven tactics will yield results, so if you’re ready to improve online, fill out our form below so we can get you your copy of our Tactics for Success Online Guide now!


    This download will show you HOW to implement these tactics online. As a bonus, we will also send along a quick 4 email series that helps you better understand common problems businesses face online, and our solutions to those problems, to show you WHY these tactics are so important and integral to your success!

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