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Bullet-Proof Process

We utilize our tried-and-true processes for each project to make sure the creation goes quickly and easily. Whether your project is a new website design, a marketing campaign, or some other custom online tool, our processes get things done.

DCG’s Bullet-Proof Process

Each web project may be unique, but the way we get them completed is not. Our processes help us make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

our process helps you succeed online

Project Onboarding

We start any project with a quick educational process for our clients to help ensure they know how we will be doing things and to get them familiar with our project management software. We also set up contacts with all the vital members of your team to help collect content and seek approvals.


Bullet-Proof Design Process

We approach both simple and complex projects with our time-tested process to help deliver outstanding results each time.

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Marketing Strategy

Audience Based Solutions

  • Develop your online strategy
  • Determine each page’s function
  • Content created with your ideal visitor in mind


Content Creation

Speak To The Needs Of Your Audience

  • Develop a consistent voice for your brand
  • Speak about what your visitors want to hear
  • Make an impression to convert customers
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find your ideal audiance  online

Design & Branding

Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • Your brand sets the tone for your site design
  • Turn visitors into customers with a conversion funnel
  • Consistency in content and design guarantees strong brand recognition online 

Code & Development

Well Built, Thoughtfully Crafted Success

  • We bring ideas and inspiration to life with code
  • We make sure you look great on any screen
  • We craft code that attracts customers
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find your ideal audiance  online

Quality Assurance

Go online with confidence

  • Testing lets you rest assured you look great in every browser
  • Launch with confidence that you site is functioning well
  • Feel confident beyond launch with our hosting and support


Bullet-Proof Marketing Process

See the best return from your digital marketing efforts with our results driven process.

Plan your work,

We approach a marketing campaign a little differently than a design build, as they work in a different way. A marketing strategy is an ongoing effort to ensure we are attracting better and better traffic. This requires a different plan of action. For example, adjusting tactics for maximum effect based off what traffic data showed in the past data to ensure things work better over time.

We develop a plan anywhere from one to three months in advance. Once we have the specifics of your plan outlined, we have no surprises and are never under the gun to get things done at the last minute. This makes things run smoothly and more hassle free for our clients. We find this method to be the most minimally impactful and respectful of a clients busy schedule, while still keeping them informed.

Work your plan.

With our plan mapped out and our client informed, we get underway on the process of creating and executing the designs, crafting and publishing content, and executing the strategies to create awareness with clear intend. Our custom marketing packages have a multi-channel approach in execution. This means every plan we make will have some mix of tactics such as social media, email marketing, PPC, and onsite content to achieve results with your message. The blending of these tactics into a strategy is complex if you want to be successful. Our processes coordinate all the moving parts of such work in order to execute the strategy in a timely and effective manner.


Our Discovery Process

Our most innovative and valuable work begins with our Discovery Process. The vital step lets us deliver what your audience truly needs.

our process helps you succeed online

Want more info about Discovery?

This process digs deep into your company, your industry and most importantly your customers to uncover true needs. We deliver solutions which work for your audience by gaining a solid understanding of what they require. We craft real-world problem-solving solutions with a solid understanding of how your audience thinks and how your team operates. Streamlined web tools custom tailored to your business operations deliver solutions to save your team more time, and you more money.


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