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Every company needs a strong web presence to succeed in an online world. We understand the strategies needed to flourish online and have the experience and tactics to get the job done. Let us help you!

Want to Funnel More Customers To Your Business?

A website is a digital location, and needs to function in the same way as a shop would in the real world. Just like a store, your digital location needs to look great, be easy to access and browse, easy to check out and pay, and exciting enough to bring them back for more.  All structures need a strong foundation, online this translates into a functional site, reliable, secure, fast and spam free. 

A solid foundation is only the starting point, DCG Marketing knows how to turn a functional website into a tool that attracts the proper visitors and actively works to convert them into customers.  How hard does your website work for you?

Web Design & Digital Marketing for results

Strategic Marketing

Steering the seas of online marketing can be scary, expensive, and time consuming. Let us help you navigate those waters with confidence.

Search Engine Optimization

Attract visitors to your site like moths to a flame. Gain higher search rankings with high value keywords and content. Learn the importance of improving your Search Ranking.

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By understanding solid SEO principles, DCG will help you generate higher value clicks. Attract visitors to your site like moths to a flame. Gain higher search rankings with high value keywords and tags.

  • Start with an audit of your SEO needs, including a competition review, keyword research and a site evaluation
  • Build a plan of action which has a clear path to success
  • Goal oriented focus for driven results
  • Comprehensive on-page optimization and link building to increase rankings
  • Landing page creation and keyword optimization
  • Monthly repeat content marketing increases ranking growth

Email Marketing

Maximize the value of your existing audience by staying current in their inbox with Email Marketing. Stay relevant to your audience to keep them coming back.

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Engaging with your existing audience on a regular basis is the backbone of an effective online presence. Email is a sure fire way to get more people on your site, increase conversion and improve business.

  • Compelling subject lines encourage better open rates
  • Clean, eye catching design combine with valuable content will increase your click throughs
  • Well crafted landing pages ensure your emails perform their best for more conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your website into a funnel for high quality traffic. Increase qualified leads that visit your website, and turn them into customers!

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Businesses who sell products or services online, or offer information to their online visitors know that web traffic is vital to their success. It’s important to make the most of that traffic with a solid plan to converting leads into customers.

  • Optimize your website pages to provide more relevant information for your visitors
  • Increase visitor trust with active page changes
  • Promote click through with better calls-to-action to convert visitors into customers

Pay Per Click Management

PPC advertising allows you to reach new customers in a trackable manner. We can help you to generate a campaign that is dialed in to your business goals and target audience.

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Pay Per Click advertising is a powerful way to gain a larger audience with any budget. If you think you are interested in seeing more customers find you, please review the information below.

  • Create multiple campaigns to target different groups and measure the results
  • Dial in and refine these campaigns over time to get the most from your ad dollars
  • Attract new customers regardless of your ad budget and watch your business grow!

Content Marketing & Copywriting

Your business needs to have its own consistent voice, and be consistent across all channels. Great content can help speak to your audience in their language.

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Your business needs to convey your goals and ideals in everything you say and do. What you write is the voice of your company. Are you sure you are being heard the way you want to?

  • Creative and branded copy writing helps to capture attention
  • Unique content helps to attract new visitors to your site
  • Regularly updated content will ensure your audience comes back for more

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your visitors across the internet through social media marketing. Engage with them on a variety of platforms to get them to your website!

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Social Media Marketing focuses on developing a campaign that meets the unique needs of your organization and your specific goals. Our process will ensure that you can rest assured the best strategy is in play.

  • Target social media sites that have viewers in your industry.
  • Go viral with compelling word of mouth campaigns.
  • Build a wider audience by interacting with your target audience where they hang out online.

Creative Design

Our design experience can help you stand out in the crowd and get you noticed over your competitors. Reach your target audience and leave an impression you can be proud of.

Logo Design

A good logo is vital to a healthy brand. Ours are custom crafted for your brand’s unique image, values and audience to make sure you mark an impression.

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Your logo and brand identity are some of the most important pieces of design your company can create. Be certain that your identity is aligned with your values, and also speaks to the needs of your industry.

  • We have a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities.
  • You need your brand stand out as a true identity of your business.
  • We craft quality logos and style guides to help carry a company’s look through all they do.


Your brand is your identity, the true essence of what your company is visually. Is your brand a good representation of your business today?

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Committing to a redesign of a brand and company identity is a serious decision. As you grow and your company or organization expands and evolves, so to must your brand identity. Your goals may have shifted or changed since inception of your organization. Perhaps your services have expanded to the point where your current visuals just don’t cut it. The point is that your business isn’t frozen in time, and neither should its look.

Consider your current logo for a moment. Is it effective? Does it tell your story and convey the essence of your passion visually? Does it look dated or perhaps representative of an earlier style or trend? If these questions give you something to think about, it might be time to consider an update to your brand identity and logo design. We work with you to discover the true passion of your brand, and the true needs of your audience. An updated more modern look will help you to better position yourself first and foremost in the eyes of your audience and industry as they evolve. Our team excels at design and brands are no exception. We can craft you a logo to be proud of that represents your current business direction, your message and your client’s desires.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile is king these days. 60% of web users will be using their phone for most interaction online. A mobile site can offer high value, easy interaction and create demand for your business.

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If you are not mobile ready, you may be invisible to your audience. Do you know what portion of your audience is already mobile? Regardless the number will only be rising as time goes on.

  • Engage with your audience while they are out and about or in the field
  • Be forward thinking in your industry and ensure your mobile customers see you
  • Cultivate an effective mobile presence and use it to grow

Web Design

A website is the storefront of the digital age. What impression does your’s make? We craft a web presence that is a seamless reflection of your brand, and your hardest working employee.

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We deliver powerful business tools, which tell your story in a compelling way. The result is a web presence that is not only a seamless reflection of your brand, but ultimately your hardest working employee.

  • Let our experience stop your website from falling short of your expectations
  • Our tactics are proven to help all types of business increase engagement with their audience
  • We produce visually memorable, functional, and powerful online businesses

eCommerce Web Design

Does your online shopping experience leave the impression you want to on your customers? Increase conversions and improve ROI with a superior design.

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Consumers go to online stores to shop, but what other opportunities might be there for them and you? Smart storeowners will highlight particular product categories, and lead customers to items that will interest them.

  • Your eCommerce goals should be to improve qualified visits, and turn users into customers.
  • As your online presence grows, your marketing strategies must adapt to change.
  • You need to be conscious of and track changes and trends in your business, industry and consumer behavior.
  • We can build ecommerce platforms that are appealing to your audience, to turn them from visitors to customers.

Print Design

Print & Traditional Design still have an important tactile value in a digital age. Your print work should reflect your brand. Leave an impression offline with great print design!

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Print material can help reinforce your brand and increase your sales efforts. Business cards, brochures and tools like a catalog all serve an important roll to your business, and we know how to execute them to full effect.

  • Business Cards, Stationary, Brochures, Annual Reports
  • Print Advertising, Direct Mailings, Post Cards
  • Trade Show, Displays, Catalog Design

Online Development

If you can dream an idea, we can develop a solution that will turn that dream into a powerful business tool.

Website Development

Great design can make a great first impression, but a truly powerful website is all about what’s under the hood. We create tools that help your customers.

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Websites have come a long way from a static online brochure. When a website can help solve real problems and streamline your efforts online, it can open many doors.

  • Create custom tools and solutions tailored to your business online
  • Design applications based off your business needs to solve real problems
  • Utilize powerful, password protected, areas for your employees to do more

Responsive Mobile Design

 The web has never been used on more types of screens. Responsive Development will ensure your company looks good no matter which device your audience uses.

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The financial success of your website depends on the implementation of a proper responsive website. Responsive Web Design is an important investment you can make in your organization’s future.

  • A few years ago Google changed the internet by requiring mobile friendly web design. Mobile-friendliness now directly impacts ranking in search results
  • The majority of internet traffic today in the United States is viewed on a mobile device rather than desktop computer.  
  • Is your site mobile responsive? Responsive web development is a must. 

Database Creation & Care

Information is power for any online business. Is yours organized and accessible? Learn how to take control of your with a dynamic database system.

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When you are dealing with a lot of information that changes rapidly, it can become cumbersome to make large amounts of changes. Take control with a solid database for your information.

  • Define and sort massive amounts of information for services or products
  • Manipulate data via spreadsheets to upload and update your site without coding
  • Improve your SEO by being able to make large updates to pages or products through mass uploads

eCommerce Development

Make the most of your online store. eCommerce Websites have a lot of moving parts. Keep yours well oiled with powerful backend technology.

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eCommerce sites have a myriad of moving parts and are infinitely more complicated than a typical service based website. You don’t have to be overwhelmed; we have the experience to make your online store a success.

  • Control products and inventory levels with ease
  • Sync to your Brick and Mortar store for greater flexibility
  • Monitor and reach to your users for a better conversion rate

Content Management Systems

CMS Solutions are powerful, flexible and scalable. They can be customized to meet your business’s specific needs, and even allow you to make edits.

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A content management system can improve your experience with your website in many ways. They allow a business to take control of their online business and make edits without the need to understand code.

  • Powerful, Forward Thinking & Scalable Solutions
  • Unique flexibility through customization
  • Unlimited creativity in your designs
  • Easy to use Intuitive Interfaces

Mobile App Development

Leverage the power of mobile phones beyond your website with Mobile Applications. Engage with your audience on a whole new level.

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People interact with smartphones most through the use of mobile apps. Communicate your value to your customers, or streamline your interactions with your team with smart phone apps.

  • Identify potential solutions an app would provide to your company
  • Develop custom applications that tie your customers to your business
  • Create apps that allow your employees to streamline their efforts in the field

Strategy & Consulting

Are you in need of something beyond basic web design or marketing? Do you want to expand your website into something more useful?

Digital Excellence

Let our extensive experience in digital marketing strategy help your company succeed both online and off. Use our knowledge to avoid costly pitfalls. We weave our disciplines into a solution that helps you succeed online.


Creative Direction

Good Creative Direction ensures things look good no matter what is being done or where. We put together a strategy and style guide to ensure your company looks good no matter where or how it is viewed.

Content Strategy

A focus on following the best practices for the web will help your message become clear. Combine that with access across the best possible channels, and you have a recipe to build a relationship with your audience.

Brand Identity

Are you confident your company is being portrayed in the best light possible? Does your look match up to your brand message? If not, you need to take charge and harness your brand’s power.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A good marketing campaign should tell your story and engage your audience. But how do you create a change in your audience’s behavior or urge them to action? How do you convert them to a customer?

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