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We know that every business and organization is different. Your needs are specific, based on your own clients, industry and budget. With this in mind, we have a variety of solutions available to meet any needs and most any budget.

Does your website work hard for you?

We live in a digital age where web presence has never mattered more.  Your audience is online, so your website is your digital storefront in this modern age. Paying attention to it is the first step to guaranteeing it performs correctly. Do you know how your website is doing? Do you have a way to measure its success or failure in order to make informed decisions? Knowing the answer to these questions is so important to your continued success, when you know your website is working hard for you. How confident are you about the value of your website? If you are unsure or have questions, we are ready to help you. Our Turn-Key Solutions are designed to go online quickly, easily, and hassle-free.  If you are looking to improve a good site, or need a stronger business tool, our more in-depth Discovery-Based solutions will uncover your true needs and create tools that help your business save time and money. Our Discovery process will provide your business with an ideal roadmap to success. 

A DCG Site Will!

A good website has a solid foundation and is secure. It should be error free, fast and easy to navigate. Your website should talk to your audience and supply answers to the problems that brought them to you. It should be built in such a way that the information serves as a funnel so that when the time is right your visitors take action in the manner you want them to. Every website solution we craft keeps these things in mind. Everything we produce is fast, error free and secure. Our Turn-Key Solutions are designed with budget in mind for those who know they need to have a better look online but not a huge budget to make it happen. If your looking for something a little more customized or powerful we offer our Discovery-Based Solutions.


What are the 6 Keystones of a Successful Online Presence?

Unified Branding

Do you have a solid visual presence with Consistent Design? Does your brand have a Voice?

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Your business or organization needs to appear consistent to the world. From your website all the way down to your business card, you need to look consistent across the board. Anything which is put out with your brand on it needs to appear to match up with everything else that you put out into the world. Your message should all be delivered in a way that remains true across every platform you have. Keeping this in mind is the best way to make sure you stand out in a crowd.

Data Driven Decisions

Does your website collect good information from visitors to help you interact with them?

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How do you measure your websites success? Do you know what pages people spend the most time on while visiting you? Or which pages people are most likely to leave your website from? Do you let that information help dictate strategic decisions about what to do next online? We find that by examining user data with an experienced eye you can more clearly create a digital roadmap of where to go with your online presence.

Functional Design

Does your website easily allow users to access the information they need to know?

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A website should get your information into the hands of your audience, but it should do so in an easy and intuitive way. We approach a web design project with the constant goal of converting a visitor into a user. Are you sure people who come to your website have an easy to use experience? Do they come away from it with what you wanted them to? If you are unsure about your website being a solid and easy to use experience, let us know and we would be happy to have a look!

Better Customer Data

Do you review your online traffic to make educated decisions about your website?

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How much do you know about your online audience? Do you have a profile or concept of who your ideal visitor is? Knowing where your audience is likely to be online can help you in marketing your message to a larger audience. Being aware of their level of online and technical savvy can help inform you when considering decisions that affect how people interact with your website. Taking steps to learn about your audience can be invaluable to your online success, which is why we offer our Discovery Process to clients who want to make better decisions with their online presence.

Digital Customer Service

Do you allow online payments or the ability for users to chat with you online?

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Do you take online payments? More than 50% of internet users polled would rather make payments online. Do you offer any sort of online chat capability to assist people while they are on your site? Many people are more likely to engage this way than might pick up the phone to call you. Websites are so much more than online brochures now, and we can craft tools that will help your company and make your website so much more valuable to you.

Digital Marketing

Does your website attract the right people to ensure its delivering maximum value?

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A great website needs to have equally good traffic in order to be successful. We know that it is so vital to make sure you are getting the right people to your website to ensure the highest chance to turn them from visitor to user or customer. A great marketing strategy can help ensure your website is getting the best possible traffic you. It’s not about how many people get to your website, but rather it’s about getting the right people at the right time to your website. Ask yourself, would you rather have traffic that is hit and miss or targeted and dialed in traffic that is looking for exactly what you have to offer?

Which Solution Is Right For You ?

Turn-Key Solutions

Is budget the main factor driving the decision about your web presence? Are you looking to get online quickly? If so, our Turn-Key solutions are for you.

Discovery-Based Solutions

Looking for something a little more specialized? If so, our Discovery Based Solution are designed to rocket your business to the top of your competition.

Turn-Key Solutions

Do you need to get online quickly? Is your budget a major concern? If so, these solutions are quick and easy! 

Solid Web Design. On A Budget

You require a solid and secure website in order to do business or promote your message. In this digital age your website is more important than ever. Your website should look good, but it should also be well built, secure, fast and mobile ready. You should be able to track the success of your website with real data and make smart future decisions with that information.


What do we deliver?

We will provide you with a better web presence to help you attract better traffic. You will enjoy a fast and easy experience with our team as we create your new website or plan your digital marketing campaign. Our goal with these Turn-Key packages is to help get your online presence up and running quickly. Our Turn-Key solutions have been developed to help accommodate clients who are just getting started online or looking to replace a poorly performing site in a quick and convenient way. Websites produced at this level are secure, stable, and optimized for a modern mobile internet.


How do we do it?

Building a website is hard work, and even having someone else build your site is a complicated process. Over our decades of experience, we have developed and refined our Bullet-Proof Process, which we follow for every project we create. A website should be built on a solid foundation, and our process ensures nothing falls between the cracks and that we come in on-time and on-budget.

Discovery-Based Solutions

These solutions begin by delving into your audience and your company.  With that information, we solve specific issues and ensure your website is your most valuable asset.

Why Discovery?

Do you truly understand your audience and their problems? Do you understand how they act online and where they go or what they type into search engines to find businesses like yours?

What sets a Discovery-Based Solution apart?

Discovery allows us to do a deep-dive into your business and customers.  Gaining a deeper understanding of your audience allows us to craft a website that is designed specifically around the ideal person you are trying to attract.  In addition to everything included in our Turn-Key Solutions, Discovery-Based Solutions go so much deeper in order to provide the most value from your website and online presence.  Our Discovery Process benefits all aspects of our work profoundly, including our digital marketing, by dialing in on the exact people we need to attract to your website. We build your site so that once visitors arrive on your site, they will find an experience which was crafted specifically to their problems and needs, and which is designed to funnel them towards taking action with you to get the service or solution you seek to provide.

How does it all come together?

Once we are done with our Discovery Process, we will compile all the information we have found into a “Digital Roadmap for Success” in the digital landscape. This document will provide you with invaluable insight into what you need to do to ensure a healthy and productive online presence. The foggy guess work of what do online and where to spend your time and effort will be lifted. The path will be clear and open for you to reach your success and achieve more than you dreamed with your web presence.

our process helps you succeed online

Intrigued by what could be?

We make it easy and quick to get underway with our Discovery Process. You don’t need to have anything prepared a head of time. The meetings are informal and are more of a discussion to get us the nuggets of information we require to do the best job possible. We examine your company, audience and industry. Once we have this in-depth understanding, we can pinpoint solutions which are not only insightful but also innovative. Want to see what this means for your business?

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