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Not every website is the same, but we offer a solution to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  Do you need to get online quickly?  Are you on a smaller budget for this project, yet still require a solution that is reliable, fast, powerful and most importantly useful?  If so, then the DCG Turn-Key website solution is the solution for you!

Quick & Easy Solutions To Your Problems

Our experience and skills make us uniquely suited to helping you get online fast and with the best possible impact on your business.

Our team has decades of combined experience in Design, Copy Writing, Development and Digital Marketing. We bring that experience and skill to bare on your project to provide you with a solution that you will not only be proud of, but that also works hard for you.

A Turn-Key Solution might be for you if:

  1. You need a professional looking, mobile ready website.
  2. You need to get online quickly and with a minimum of hassle.
  3. Budget is a concern and you need a cost effective solution.


An Entire Creative Department, At Your Service

We will provide you with a better web presence to help you attract better traffic. You will enjoy a fast and easy experience with our team as we create your new website or plan your digital marketing campaign. Our goal with a Turn-Key package is to help get your online presence up and running quickly.

Our depth of experience  make us uniquely suited to helping you get online fast and with the best possible impact on your business. Our team has worked in the Design, Copy Writing, Development, and Digital Marketing industries for decades. We bring that expertise and skill to bare on your project to provide you with a solution that you will not only be proud of, but also that works hard for you.

What Do We Deliver?

We will provide you with a better web presence to help you attract better traffic. You will enjoy a fast and easy experience with our team as we create your new website or plan your digital marketing campaign. Our goal with these Turn-Key packages is to help get your online presence up and running quickly.

A Memorable & creative design 

People often ask why a memorable and creative design is so important to their website, and we always answer that it is their first impression of your business.  Your design choices will impact your audience’s thoughts and perceptions about your brand. You can either keep them engaged through your design, or risk losing them to your competition.  A great design goes a long way towards impressing visitors, leaving a lasting impression.

We provide a professionally designed website catered to your business, reflecting your business’ style and brand.  You will be given several choices of design, customized to your brand, and based on the information you submit in your intake form.  We will make sure each option is pleasing to the eye, and working hard towards your goals in getting your audience to interact, purchase, contact you, etc.

There are many different sizes of screens in your audience’s lives, people will be viewing your website on everything from a tv screen to a mobile phone screen, dealing with your design at any size is overwhelming.  That’s why DCG sites are built in a way that ensures it re-sizes well, and looks amazing on any size screen.  We take care to provide a strong presence across any browser, tablet or phone.  Additional custom mobile changes available upon request.

Take yourself online and let our experienced team put together a web presence that flows and is easy for your customers to utilize.  We will get your images ready for the web, and provide you with up to 6 professional stock photos during the design process.  We also have team members ready to create custom content on your behalf should you desire, a service that can be added at anytime.

A Foundation for your online marketing

Your website is an excellent means of communication for you and your audience, and to communicate to potential audiences. You should be following a defined strategy to get new visitors on your page, and our sites all come with an excellent foundation for any marketing campaign. Marketing will keep your audience growing and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

A conversion funnel is key to your online success.  A conversion funnel is a strategic method of driving a user towards becoming a customer with intent.  Each site we build is done with this in mind.  This funnel includes a Thank You page to accompany your contact forms for maximum value to your visitors.  Advanced Conversion Funnel work available upon request.

Each Turn-Key site we deliver has the groundwork laid for a successful SEO campaign to improve your presence on the internet.  SEO is by its nature an ongoing activity which we offer through our Marketing Services.  This primer sets your site up with what it needs for you to attract the best customers possible!  This includes:

  • Basic Image Alt Tags – Image Alt Tags make images handicap accessible, which scores many points with the Search Engines
  • Basic Meta Data – Get noticed for the Search Terms that are important in your industry
  • Page Descriptions – Make sure your pages show for appropriate Search Terms
  • Image Optimization – Search Engines dock points for bulky image files
  • Code Optimization – Poorly written code takes longer to load, which results in less points with Search Engines
  • Web Architecture Optimization – Provide the simplest and fastest experience for your users
  • Reporting Ready with Google Analytics

We provide a portal to each client we work with that will allow them to see basic activity on their website. That information is vital to making sound choices online. This can be upgraded at any time to more detailed reporting.


User-friendliness is the key to a successful website. How frustrated each visitor feels when they are viewing and interacting with your website will reflect how they feel about your business overall. You want every visitor to have an easy and enjoyable experience on your site, able to access and understand information they are looking for and be able to connect quickly, and leave after an overall positive experience through utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

A User Interface, commonly referred to as UI, relates to how a user functions on your website, and a well-done UI results in an easy and frustration free experience for your audience.  UX, or User eXperience, measures how frustrating or easy your website is to utilize, and using proper techniques will keep your visitors happy.  How well made and hassle free your User Interface is, directly correlates to how high of a rating your User eXperience is.  Let our experienced team put together a web presence that flows and is easy for your customers to use.

 As with any large project, it is vital to start with organizing and sorting your information and determining the proper structure and flow for the project.  This allows us to be sure that all the important information is presented and accessible, with nothing important falling through the cracks.  Our process involves creating a sitemap and structure to your pages and content that not only suits your needs, but also gets your customers what they need easily. We know how to get the right info into your audience hands.

Your site will be built in WordPress, a content management system which will allow you to make edits and changes to your site without having to know code. We even provide you with tutorials our site to help get you started! Each site also features a set of powerful software addons which we apply to any site we work on. This includes:

  • Powerful Form Software which is customizable and integrates with most CRMs
  • Data sorting software to help organize and export the info coming from your forms
  • Redirect Software that helps so you don’t lose any old links on your site when the new site launches. We will map it so your old URLs will redirect to the proper new pages
  • Roll back and site caching. Make a mistake when editing or delete a page? No problem, we have version software that will help you be able to go back, view and restore site pages from previous versions
  • Anti Spam Software to help minimize the amount of spam coming through your forms and blog
  • Form Integration with our Email Marketing Software. If you purchase a marketing plan that involves email marketing in any fashion this sortware will help connect your site with your emails
  • Google Analytics is the leading software to monitor site activity and traffic
  • Security features are important to help make sure your site is safe and secure. We utilize software to help keep your site safe from attack
  • We have tools that help allow you to monitor the SEO health of your website
  • During testing we will use something to check the links across your site and ensure there are no broken links prior to launch. This can be helpful after launch as well as you make changes

High Quality guaranteed

We offer you peace of mind during our Design phase and beyond by following our Bullet-Proof Process, and continue to provide that calm at launch through the Quality Assurance phase. Well-built websites have less downtime, provide greater client interactions, and guarantee that your site will look great and function properly for your customers when they visit it. 

We ensure your site looks good on the most widely used browsers.  Specifically this includes: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Google Chrome.  We strive to have our sites compatible with previous versions of these browsers, so that even if your customers aren’t up to date, you are ready for them.

There is a countless number of screen sizes on the market these days, from mobile phones to tv screens. We make your site look great across any screen, tablet or phone.

Our Bullet-Proof Process takes the guess work and hassle out of web design. We make it easy for you to get online with our tried and true bullet proof process.  Visit our Process Page to learn more.

Ongoing Support & Service

DCG believes that once your website is up and running you should not have to stay focused on what is happening behind the scenes,  so we take care of the hassles of hosting and maintenance for you, so you can stay focused on your business.

All our sites are hosted on powerful servers which are optimized to work with WordPress. We also install SSL security certificates as part of our hosting, and offer Cpanel support for your site out of the box. This means your website will be well taken care of with minimal downtime and input from you. We take care of updates, security patches, server software bugs, and maintenance.

We know how important keeping your website up-to-date is to your business, your visitors, and Search Engines.  We also understand the need to be able to edit your own site, without knowing web code languages.  DCG builds sites that are easily allow your team to make changes, we also provide in-depth educational tutorials that show you step-by-step how to complete many tasks.

A good partnership doesn’t have to end once a project is launched, our team is ready to help you with additional design, development or marketing services. We have a variety of plans and packages to choose from.  If you have questions please let us know. We love discussing the success of our clients!

What Do I Get?

Each DCG Turn-Key website comes with a Homepage and 7 Build Tokens*

to spend in any combination to map out your website structure. 

*Additional tokens available

Web design as an industry has sold websites by the number of pages for a long time.  As the internet has evolved, so has our company.  There is no longer a one-size-fits all answer for websites.  Over time we have fine-tuned our process to allow us to provide websites that can be tailored to your needs, without the custom price tag. This is why we have created our Build Token system.

When you purchase a website from DCG, you are purchasing a Homepage and 7 Build Tokens with a portion of the fees.  These tokens can be spent in any combination equal to or less than 7 Build Tokens.  More complicated pages and systems cost more tokens than basic pages and layouts.  Our Token System allows you to select the pages you need, while avoiding pages that are not important to your industry or business.  This allows you control over the layout and means that you will be aware upfront of what your finished website will include.

Examples About Using Page Tokens

Webpages are always customized to your needs. Below are a few examples o how the different Token levels might be used for your site. These are just examples. As a general rule, it comes down to the complexity of the page to dictate how it is catagoriezed. So when we say a Team page is a basic page, that accounts for showing off between 4-8 team members. If you have several departments that each have several people, that is growing into an Elaborate page.

Basic Pages

1 Build Token each

Team Pages

Need to tell the world about your amazing team members? If so, this is a great example of a Basic Page.

Pricing Pages

Have a variety of pricing options for the products or services you offer? This is the kind of page we would use to tell the world.

Classes / Courses Pages

Do you offer a course catalog of classes available for the public and need to share the course info?

Events Pages

Do you need to be able to put up and manage a series of events for your company? This can be done easily with a Basic Page.

Careers Pages

Want to be able to list a series of possible job opportunities with your business on the website? Do so here!

Features Page

Want to talk about the special features and benefits of what you offer? No problem!

Elaborate Pages

2 Build Tokens each

Locations Pages

Have several locations that need to be listed with individual information per location? We can accommodate this in an Elaborate Page.

Gallery Pages

Want to show off a large number of images or product shots? Let our gallery solutions show you off in your best light!

Menu Pages

Do you have a variety of information that needs to be listed and shown to your audience all on one page, but not sure how to handle sure a large amount of information? No worries, we can help!

Donation Pages

Do you plan to take donations for a cause or project? We can help set that up for you.

FAQ Pages

Find yourself wanting to avoid answering the same questions about your business on a regular basis? Let an FAQ page do the heavy lifting on answering your most asked questions.

Page Templates

3 Build Tokens each

Portfolion Pages

Proud of your work and looking for a way to not only show it off, but add more as you complete projects? Why not dress it up to look its best with a repeatable Portfolio template?

Multiple Location Pages

Does your business have multiple locations which each need their own specific information posted to the world? Maybe there is too much to do in one page, and so you need a repeatable solution? This is an ideal solution.

Case Studies Pages

Do you have detailed, yet repeatable details about your successes in your industry and want to allow a visitor to be able to dive deeper into those details? This is a great solution.

Instructional Pages

Do you offer your audience “how to” information on a topic or variety of topics? Why not put that information online and make it easily accessible with a template that will allow you to add more and more instructions over time?

Ready for an Improved Web Presence?

We would love to talk to you about your online success! We have the experience to help explain things clearly, and the skills to deliver something you can be proud to share with the world. If you are ready to do better online, or have questions about what we can do for you, please contact us!


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